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Is Direct Mail Still Relevant?

If you have been following developments in the Digital Marketing arena over the past few years, you will have noticed the excitement that has been floating around out there. This followed developments in Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and other Digital Marketing disciplines. With all this noise, one would be excused for thinking that Direct Mail is in its last throes. However, far from being the case, it remains relevant and should be part of every Marketing executive’s strategy. So, what is Direct Mail and why should you use it instead of Email?

What Is Direct Mail?

  • The term Direct Mail refers to advertising material, such as brochures, business cards, newsletters and postcards that are sent out to potential customers using conventional Postal Services.
  • Direct mail has been around for a long time. In fact, it was around long before the invention of the Digital Marketing technologies that are now taking the world by storm.

Your Marketing Stuff (YMS)

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Advantages of Using Direct Mail over Email

The fact that Direct Mail has resisted the sweeping changes that have been taking place around the world shows that it remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of Marketing. The following are some of the major advantages that Direct Mail has over email;

  1. Direct Mail has a higher Read Rate than Email

If you have an email account, it is more than likely that you receive marketing messages from a wide range of companies on a daily basis. However, like most people around the world, you don’t bother opening them. That is the major problem with Email Marketing. There is such an information overload that most people are just not bothered with opening marketing emails.

Although Direct Mail is often classified as Junk Mail, it does have a greater chance of success than Email. People have, on the other hand, traditionally been conditioned to open Direct Mail. Of course, a lot of physical mail also gets thrown down the garbage chute, but you have a greater chance of reaching out to your target audience using this method.

  1. Direct Mail is much more personal

  • It has to be said that there is something impersonal about most of the forms of advertising that are out there. You may be sending out hundreds of emails every day, but how, really, are you engaging your prospects at a personal level.
  • What most people do not realize is that people are much more likely to have positive responses to messages that address them as individuals. We all hate the feeling that is brought about by email marketing of being just another name on a mailing list. That is despite the fact that those in Email Marketing have taken to personalizing their own emails in a bid to generate greater engagement.
  • There is still, however, something…assembly line about the whole affair. Just think, as an example, of eBay, Amazon or some other large company sending an email in which you are addressed by name. Despite the laudable attempt, that is still not going to hit the mark in terms of creating the personalized touch.
  • This is where Direct Mail excels; it allows for a much more personalized touch, which increases its chances of success when compared to Email Marketing. Absent is the feeling that one is just another name that was randomly picked up by computers.  There is also something personal about having your letters delivered into people’s homes that’s just not available in Email Marketing.
  1. A Carefully Selected Target Audience

A major setback for Email Marketing is the fact that it is not that selective in terms of who receives what message. You have spend years building that Mailing List, right, and can’t wait to sent advertising material to everyone on it? Well, that is all well and good, but have you ever stopped to consider whether or not the message that you are sending is relevant to everyone who is on your mailing list?

The great thing about Direct Mail is that you have more control over who the recipients of your material are. You are not just sending them out to a blanket mailing list. Instead, database analysis allows you to know exactly who your target audience is. This makes it more likely that your efforts are going to generate leads and conversions.

  1. Greater Material Flexibility

Another great thing about Direct Mail is that it comes with a lot of material flexibility. This just isn’t available with Email Marketing. What do we mean by this? With Direct Mail, the only limitation is your imagination. Do you wish to send Christmas card style marketing materials towards Christmas? How about glossy brochures and newsletters? Of course, it is possible to send this type of material using Email. However, the impact in this regard, is rather limited. People are more likely to open and keep such materials when they are deliver on paper and not via email.

  1. Trust

  • This is another major advantage that Direct Mail holds over Email Marketing. The digital world is today, so full of contrasting and competing messages that it can be difficult for people in marketing to keep their prospects engaged for any given amount of time.
  • There are also so many malicious activities taking place that the majority of people across the globe have become wary of unsolicited emails. Indeed, the message is hammered into people on a daily basis that opening such kinds of messages is a sure way of attracting phishing and malware attacks.

This problem is not available with Direct Mail. Here, you have the opportunity to create trust between yourself and your prospects. People have been, in general, conditioned to trust material that comes to them in print format. The message is, itself, also not fleeting. You know how you instantly delete the few marketing emails that you actually bother to open ? Well, there is something long lasting about paper. People may throw it onto a table or even into the rubbish bin. However, the fact remains that it will remain within eyesight, and as long as it does, there is a chance that the message that you wish to put across will be hammered into place.


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