What Is A Precancelled Stamp?

precancelled stamp

Postage Stamps

In Direct Mail Postage Stamps can be more than the simple pieces of paper that most people believe serve as symbols of postage payment. If you have been following our posts, you will know that stamps can be one of the ways through which you can customize your Direct Mail; thus increasing the chances that it will catch the eyes of and be read by your prospects. So, what is a pre-cancelled stamp?

Precancelled Stamps

  • A Precancelled stamp is a Postage Stamp that is cancelled before being put on a letter or package.

Why Precancel Stamps

  • The practice of precancelling postage stamps, which began with the birth of stamps themselves, was designed to save time. While it is all well and good to stamp individual Postage Stamps, this becomes rather impractical where large mailings are concerned. Imagine that you are going to be sending out hundreds of piece of Direct Mail to your prospects in an EDDM campaign?
  • It would, in this regard, be nearly impossible for your Postal Services to process all your packages. This is where Precancelled Postage Stamps come into play.

Early Precancelled Stamps

  • The earliest Postage Stamps were Precancelled by drawing lines across bunches of them using pens. In the 1880s, however, the name of the post office from which the Pre-cancels were being shipped was introduced Precancelled Postage Stamps.
  • Later on, Pre-cancels came with the name of the Post Office between two lines. This followed the issuing of a directive by the Post Office Department, in the 1900s, which sought to bring uniformity to the pre-cancellation of Postage stamps.
  • The practice of having the names of the cities from where the stamps were being mailed stamped on Precancelled stamps was stopped in the 1970s.

Gradual Decline

Although Precancelled Stamps are still around, their use has gradually fallen, largely due to the replacement of Postage Stamps by the postage meter.

Where can precancels be bought?

Precancelled Stamps can be purchased at the Post Office with which you have precanceled stamp permit. With the USPS, you can only buy precancels in quantities of 500, 3 000 and 10 000.

Applying Precancelled Stamps

Precancelled stamps can be applied in much the same way as regular stamps. However, some Post Offices have machines that expedite the process by quickly applying Precancels to Envelops. Each of the stamps has to be placed on the top right corner of the Envelop.

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