How to Promote Your Business With Banners


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The use of banners to boost your corporate branding and image is a proven marketing technique. Creating the right kind of banner, using the right colors and getting the size just right…these are all important considerations. You have something to say: make it count.

Planning Your Banner

Think about where your banner will be placed: off site or onsite? Along a roadway or on a building? Do you get more foot traffic or auto traffic going by your business? The answers to these questions will determine how big your banner is, how many features you can include, what font to use, etc. For instance, banners that are on site don’t really need a phone number or website but rather should have design at the forefront to urge people to come into your place of business at that moment.

Find out about Limitations

If you’re part of an office building, business association or strip mall, there may be restrictions on the size and type of banner you can use. Check with the building managers to find out about these rules. You may be able hang banners outside of windows, or you may be able to rotate them throughout the year to showcase specials and discounts. You may be able to use spotlights at night to highlight your banners, but again, you’ll have to check with management.

Maximize Exposure

Having a great banner won’t do you a bit of good if it’s hidden away. If your business is located near a high-traffic intersection, on a busy side street or in a popular strip mall, make your banner prominent near motor vehicle traffic as well as pedestrian traffic. First, check with your local zoning authorities to see what you are allowed to do. Once you have permission and pay the fees, if any, you can proceed to design. Banners that will be placed near vehicular traffic must have bigger fonts and brighter colors than those being seen by pedestrians. Maximum color contrasts are good to keep in mind for outdoor banners, with black lettering on a bright yellow background providing the highest contrast.

Also, in order to provide a fresh perspective, replace the banners every few weeks to keep interest high.

Design Considerations

When consulting with your designer about your business banners, ask questions that relate to capabilities and restrictions. For instance, here at Your Marketing Stuff, the smallest banner size we can print is 2’ x 2’ and the largest we can print is 7’ x 150’.

In terms of materials, it’s best to only use high-quality vinyl in matte or smooth textures. Will your banner be located outside in windy conditions at times? It’s a good idea to incorporate wind slits to cut down on drag, as well as grommets on all four corners.

You don’t have to go it alone. Let Your Marketing Stuff help you design your banner to promote your business in the best possible way. Check out our banner page then call us at 760-798-9419.

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