Non-Profit Brochures: 7 Must-Do’s

Non-Profit Brochures

As a non-profit, you have to raise all the money you can in order to run your business. You likely put on a lot of shows, festivals, walks, events and more to raise both money and awareness of your cause. It can be very expensive to put on those events, so you have to make sure your exposure is high and that people know about it well in advance. A compelling brochure will ensure you get the visibility you want so that come game day, all your followers will be out in force.

Here are seven must-do’s when it comes to designing non-profit brochures:

  1. Target a specific audience: You may come across a lot of generic templates around the web. Forget them. Go with something a little more unique, something that speaks to your brand or company mission. As a non-profit, you understandably can’t spend a lot of money, but there are ways to get a great brochure that’s unique while saving cash at the same time. Craft your content for a specific group of people, being sure to address any questions they may have about your organization.
  2. Emphasize benefits: Rather that toot your own horn and why you’re so great, show the reader why and how they’re benefiting. Instead of just telling them about your service or event, explain how they can benefit from it. Whether you’re advertising a walk to raise funds for cancer research or sponsoring a youth band concert that creates scholarships for young musicians, be clear about where their money is going and how their efforts will pay off.
  3. Call them to action. A great brochure is nothing if you don’t ask people to take action of some kind. How can they donate to your cause? Who do they talk to about volunteering? Where do they sign up? How can they learn more information? Include a point of contact, phone number and website, and address of the event.
  4. Leave plenty of white space. Don’t cram too much text into too small a space. Use a font that’s easy and big enough to read, and don’t go below 10 points.
  5. Break up dense text: Use headings and sub-headings to draw the eye and break up the text. Another great way to do this is to use lots of bullets. No one wants to read through paragraphs. Just give them the synopsis so they get a general idea of what’s going on. They can read further if they want more details.
  6. Include photos and graphics: This is another way to break up text visually. Color photos and flashy graphics are great; just don’t go overboard. They shouldn’t overpower the page. Your message should be front and center. Be sure to use high-res photos, and use just a couple of large ones rather than several small, low-quality ones.
  7. Address common questions: Anticipate what your clients, supporters or volunteers will want to know. Which questions are you asked on a regular basis? Include an FAQ section if applicable.

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