Mistakes to avoid when designing a brochure


Brochure Design Considerations

Designing a Brochure

What are the most common mistakes in an otherwise attractive marketing brochure? Spelling and grammar errors. (As I write this paragraph, this very afternoon I corrected the word “form” when the owner used the word “form.”) If your not sure when to use “there” and when to use “their” then get some professional assistance from a copy writer. And yes, I used the incorrect form at the beginning of the last sentence on purpose. I hope you caught it. I know the correct word to use is “you’re.”

We’ve even seen someone misspell their own name.

Another major error in designing a brochure is not understanding precisely where the folds are located. A tri-fold brochure does not have three equally sized panels and if you design one that does your graphics and your text will be slightly off-centered on the panels.

Graphics can make your brochure awesome or they can make it awful. Besides positioning the graphics as noted above, there is always the resolution issue – how intense your graphics are.

A bit of technicality: images on the Web are generally 72 dpi (“dots per inch”). Images that have a higher resolution do not appear any sharper on your monitor, but take longer to load, so web designers always reduce their images to the 72 dpi level. However, for clean, bright images, printers require resolution of 300 dpi or higher. Although it is possible to take a large image from the Web and increase its resolution by reducing its size, it seldom works well. Solution: use only high resolution graphics.

How to avoid these errors? Proofread, over and over again. Better yet, have someone else do it for you. You can do it yourself, just take your time. Our website has all the necessary templates you need for standard brochures and the complimentary graphics we provide are all high resolution.

And please proofread one more time!

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