Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Mailing Lists


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Perhaps the most common error in creating a mailing list for marketing is not matching the list to a valid customer profile. Unfortunately, many small businesses think they know who their best customer is – and they are wrong. Then they continue to go after potential customers who really aren’t interested in their products or services.

This web site cannot make you a marketing expert. But send us an email and we may be able to point you in the right direction to better understand your customer base.

The second biggest error is not sending the correct message, a subject we cover in greater detail on our directmailstuff website. For now, let us just mention that although we supplied the basic content for this web site, the actual text was written by a professional copywriter who has a much better way with words than we do. We do practice what we preach.

Finally, an important word of caution: Business lists with phone numbers can be called but we strongly recommend that you do not try to call phone numbers on a consumer list. Although those lists should be scrubbed of anyone on the Federal Do Not Call registry, you never know and you are placing yourself in a liability position if you make the call. Better to rent the list and send it to a legitimate call center.

Please note that we used the word “rent” a list. Technically, all lists are rented, not sold, and remain the property of the list owner. When you rent a list you rent it for a one time use unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Mailing Lists

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