Why Envelops are important

Envelops, it has to be said, often overlooked when people are talking about Direct Mail. This is rather surprising, considering the fact that they form your first line of attack as far as getting people to read your materials is concerned.

Junk Mail or Useful Information: Envelops make the difference

We ask, in one of our articles, whether or not Direct Mail is a useful marketing tool or just Junk Mail? What most people do not seem to realize is that envelops are usually what stands between you and how people perceive of your brand.

Not All Direct Mail Uses Envelops

It has to be noted, however, that not all Direct Mail uses envelops. Postcards, as an example, can be sent out without the need for envelopes. Where this is the case, the burden is particularly high to have something that not only is attractive, but that has the ability to catch people’s attention.

The Evolution of Envelops

Envelops are as old as mail itself. Their use in Marketing goes way back to the origins of Direct Mail. However, what most people do not realize is that these most useful of creations have evolved over the years. If you are still using envelops that look as if they came from the 19th century, then don’t be surprised should your results be dismal.

Gone are the days when you could get away with having bland envelops that looked as if they had been hastily put together from used cardboard paper. The story of the 21st century is that of color and colorful digital designs, and you should take cognizance of this fact when thinking about the type of envelop that you wish to use. So, what are some of the types of envelops that can be found out there, and which are the best for Direct Mail?

  1. Regular Envelops

We have already mentioned these in the preceding passages. Regular envelops come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are also the least expensive. If you are concerned about postage costs, one of the ways of keeping these down is by having rectangular envelops that are no more than 6.125 * 11.5 inches in size. What you do not want to do in this regard is have an envelop that’s so large that it will be classified as a “flat.”

  1. Window Envelops

An Example of a Window Envelop

This is another type of envelop that has been around for quite some time. Size and postage concerns are, in this case, the same as is the case with regular envelops. What this means is that you should stay within the 6.125 * 11.5 size limit. Otherwise your envelops will be classified as flats and you will be required to pay a higher rate.

Window envelops are a great way through which you can draw attention to the Direct Mail that is contained within. You can also print out the name and address of the recipients and have these placed directly in front of the window. This removes the need for your to individually print or write on each of the envelops which, in turn, reduces the time that you need to prepare your materials.

  1. Two way Envelops

If, as you should, you are looking for something that will really catch people’s eyes, then two way envelops are the way to go. Standing out, it has to be said, is the only way through which you can make an impact using your Direct Mail.

We have previously written an article in which we discuss some of the things that you can do in order to achieve this aim. Using two way envelops is one of the things that will mark you out and catch your prospects’ eyes.

Two way envelops are first used for outgoing mail. Then, by simply following the provided instructions, your prospects can use the envelops to reply to your message. What this does is save some money on the costs of buying new envelops. If you are concerned about the environment, then this type of envelops is for you. Two way envelops also make it easy for people to get in touch with you, which increases the chances that they will be bothered to do so.

  1. Wrapping envelops

To those who are looking to customize their Direct Mail, wrapping envelops are the best way to go. They can, however, be a lot more expensive than standard envelops. The look also tends to be clunky when compared to conventional envelops.

  1. Snap Packs

Snap packs have the advantage of having a higher open rate. That is because they are official looking and, therefore, are able to draw people’s attention better than every other type of envelop. In order to open a snap pack, you have to tear from the side and bottom of the envelops.

Direct Mail Made Easy

Designing, printing and mailing high quality Direct Mail is something that you need to think about seriously, since it has a bearing on how people perceive of your brand. At Your Marketing Stuff (YMS), we take Direct Mail so seriously that we have put together everything that you need to come up with world class materials that convert. You can use the tools on our portal to come up with the following;

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