Elements of a Great Logo


When comprising a logo for your company, a lot of thought needs to go into the design, colors and font choices. Your logo is essentially the face of your company, making up a big part of your branding and marketing strategy. Logos essentially are anchors to your brand, ultimately creating trust and loyalty in the minds of your consumers. In short, they’re the most visible manifestation of your company within your target market, which is why putting a lot of research into everything from fonts to colors to graphics is important when creating a logo.

Not only should a logo be instantly recognizable, it also has to be consistent. Don’t think you have to pay big bucks for logo creation, though. Did you know that it cost just $15 for the blue bird logo that Twitter uses? Or that iconic Nike swoosh – that cost just $35. Rather than money, put more time, research and energy into crafting the perfect logo, featuring a strong icon or image with just the right colors to impart your message.

That doesn’t mean you should be cutting corners. You need to copyright your work, so don’t lift clip art from the web. Just be sure that whomever you go with for clip art and graphics doesn’t offer you something that, while cheap, may not be able to be trademarked later on. It’s important to protect your logo now for the future.

The colors you choose in particular are vital – more so than you may initially realize. That’s because color involves reactions in people, with those feelings leading to trust in your company or – worse case — aversion. If you have a color in mind, research its meaning online first. Here are some meanings behind those famous colors you see in logos and what they symbolize:

  • Brown: reliability, dependability, stability, and structure. Example: UPS
  • Yellow: energy, sunshine, and joy. Example: McDonalds
  • Red: passion, emotion, and love. Example: Red Bull, YouTube
  • Green: harmony of nature, peace, and trust. Example: Starbucks
  • Black: formality and mystery of nighttime. Example: Tiffany and Co., BlackBerry

Yes, you may be a small business now, but who knows where the future can take you? Make sure you have a solid logo in place that can carry through all your branding and marketing materials.

Other considerations when creating a logo:

  • Strong, bold colors and typography
  • Minimalist yet relevant design
  • Short but sweet text
  • Wise use of contrast and white space
  • Unique design
  • Clear brand imagery
  • Easy, flexible design that can carry through all your mediums

Once you have your logo designed, it’s time to put it to work on your business cards, letterhead, banners, brochures, post cards and the like. Working with a reputable printer you can trust is a big part of that. Trust Your Marketing Stuff to bring your ideas to life!

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