Direct Mail: Ideas and what to expect

What to expect from Direct Mail for the rest of the year

What should you expect from your Direct Mail campaign?

With the year fast approaching its half way point, what is there in stock for Direct Mail and for Marketing in general for this rest of the year? No doubt the seasons will soon be changing somewhere or the other, with winter or summer taking hold.

The World of Direct Mail

The world of Marketing continues to be rocked by the resurgence of Direct Mail as a tool that can be used to reach out to current and potential customers. We have previously mentioned that far from dying down with a whimper, as was expected a decade or so ago, Direct Mail remains a force to be reckoned with across the globe. So, what can we expect in the world of Digital Marketing for the remainder of the year?

  1. Direct Mail and Digital Marking: The synchronization

One of the things that you are likely to have heard over the past year or so is that there is need for Direct Mail marketing to be synced with Digital Marketing. This is something that will likely be strengthened during the remainder of this year.

Use Direct Mail to boost traffic to your website

Let’s assume that you own an online retail outlet. One of the things that you will discover, particularly when you are just setting out, is that it can be difficult to attract customers to your website or social media pages.

Organic Traffic; the traffic that is directed towards your site from Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo, only begins to be meaningful when you have acquired the requisite domain authority.

This should be a major motivation for you to find other ways of driving traffic to your site, and Direct Mail provides you with the answers in this regard. What better way of catching the eyes of potential customers than by sending out Postcards that contain codes that people can redeem for discounts from your website?

  1. Greater Customization

Science Fiction, it has been said, often has a way of ending up being Science Fact. One theme that you are likely to find in a few Sci-Fi movies is that of a world in which the Digital World has become so overwhelmingly intrusive that personalized advertisements have become the norm.

Although we are still far from this rather troubling specter, the fact remains, however, that Marketing has been moving towards greater relevancy. This is something that we are likely to witness during the remainder of the year. So, what does greater relevancy mean?


  • Customization is something that has been trending within the world of Marketing over the past few years. Marketing gurus have, as such, been looking for ways through which they can bring relevant materials to individual consumers.
  • Doing this increases the chances of a positive response, although it can, as is the case in the forgotten Science Fiction movie, increase the sense of being under a state of siege that has been pervading the world as internet based technologies become more and more sophisticated.

Customization is Personalization

  • We mention, in this article, that Customization in Direct Mail really is personalization. If, like the majority of people these day, you own an email address, you will already have, at some point in time, come across the phenomenon that we are describing here.
  • Someone discovered a few years ago that addressing recipients by their first names, among other personalizations, increases open and click-through rates.The whole thing becomes somewhat uncanny when eBay addresses you by your first name, but the trend has clearly gotten hold.

Explore Customization

  • In any case, personalization is something that you should explore during the rest of the year. There are many ways through which you can do this, including by addressing people by their names, as has already been noted, and by sending out marketing materials that are based on the interests of individual consumers.
  • Although this approach is a bit expensive when compared to mass marketing campaigns, such as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), it does yield better rewards, which is what you should be looking at for the remainder of this year.
  1. Being on Time increases your chance of success

Another thing that you need to be aware of going into the latter half of the year is that time is of essence when it comes to snaring those sought after leads. This, it has to be said, is true for the rest of Marketing. However, it can be particularly tricky when it comes to Direct Mail.

You do not actually have all the variables in your hands when it comes to the time that your mail is going to take to move from your local Post Office to your prospects’ doorsteps. However, with a little planning, you can largely reduce the margin of error.

One thing that you need to do is make sure that you send out your Direct Mail with 24 hours after a person has visited your website. Doing so within this time-frame is essential to increasing the chances of conversion. Wait too long, and your Postcards, Brochures and other marketing material will arrive when the potential customer has already forgotten about you and your company.

  1. Don’t forget Social Media

We have already alluded to the fact that you need to take action to drive your Direct Mail towards your online assets. This point serves to reinforce this point; social media is, without a doubt, the biggest thing that happening within the world of communications these days. This is the major reason why you should strive to develop your Social Media presence. Platforms such as Instagram have a higher conversion rate than most other Marketing tools, and you should do everything in your power to give your brand a presence on these platforms.

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