How to Design the Perfect Business Cards


Going for that perfect custom look that no one else in your industry has? Want to make a lasting first impression on everyone you hand your cards to? It all starts with a compelling design. You just need a unique idea and some creativity, and your business cards can speak volumes about your services and personality!

Just remember: Your business cards tell a story, transmitting the essence of your brand to the recipient, acting as a mini ad of sorts, points out Business Insider.

Here are some tips on how to design the perfect business cards.

  1. Clean it up. No one wants to see a cluttered card. The eye needs somewhere to go, and if you cram your business card with too many competing elements, the brain gets confused. Think: more readable text and less distracting clutter. A design that’s too busy will detract from the message you’re trying to send. Any good design will begin with your logo as the main element, with minimal text to augment it.
  2. Customize it. Instead of using a cookie cutter design template that hundreds of other people in your line of work could be using, go unique with a customized card that makes your business stand out from the rest. In a world of flat, one-dimensional cards, go with an embossed or raised design for an extra touch. Or, try a different shape than the standard rectangle. The point is to be unique. This doesn’t mean you have to get crazy. It all depends on what you do for work. Whereas a fashion designer or web designer can get a bit funky with the design, an accountant or lawyer would be better off with a traditional design. Create something memorable that your clients will remember weeks and months from now.
  3. Make your card an “experience” rather than a simple piece of card stock. It should be shareable, meaning it contains all the elements you need for a well-rounded suite of communication with the recipient. Reserve your cards for those who will truly use them and make use of their intentions. Don’t just hand out your card to every Tim, Dick and Harry. Unsolicited handouts will very likely end up in the trash. Choose your recipients wisely and put a lot of thought into your design. Make the design one that people want to share with their friends and colleagues. Boring=forgettable.
  4. Go the extra mile. Many people ignore half the space a business card affords them, leaving the back totally blank. Why not utilize that space to your advantage? Give them a reason to keep your card. Post emergency numbers for your community if you’re a security system sales person, or a monthly home price chart if you’re a real estate agent.

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