Why Do Consumers Trust Direct Mail?

consumers trust direct mail

People Still Trust Direct Mail

It’s hard to believe, today, that not so long ago, many a pundit were sounding the death knell for the Direct Mail as a useful Marketing tool. This rather dire prognosis was inevitable. The emergence of exciting Digital Marketing tools; including Social Media and Email Marketing appeared to spell doom for the more earthbound Direct Mail.

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Direct Mail has Prevailed

Contrary the doomsday predictions that we mentioned at the top of this article, Direct Mail has actually come into its element over the past decade. The reason for this is one word; “Trust.”

Consumers Trust Direct Mail

  • Countless studies have shown that consumers, in general, are more trusting of Direct Mail when compared to other forms of advertising.
  • In fact, over 76 percent of the people who were sampled by Marketing Sherpa stated that they are likely to make purchasing decisions based on Direct Mail.
  • Compare this with a 43% trust rate for Social Media ads, and you will realize that Direct Mail remains a force to be reckoned with.

No More Trust

  • One of the things that you have to take note of here is the fact that consumers across the board are becoming more and more skeptical.
  • That is, perhaps, not really surprising. The average human being has, for one reason or the other, become less trusting of some of the key institutions in the world, including business, government, NGOs and the Media.
  • This makes the task for those who are in the Marketing field doubly difficult. How do you reach out to people who do not quite believe that you can offer them anything important?

Why Consumers Trust Direct Mail

So, what are some of the reasons why consumers continue to have a high level of trust in Direct Mail when compared to other Marketing tools? Well, here are some of those reasons;

  1. Direct Mail is an Age Old Institution

Long before there was Digital Marketing, there was Direct Mail. Indeed, Direct Mail can be regarded as being as old as paper itself. What this means today is that Direct Mail has had a head start in terms of cultivating trust in consumers.

  1. People have been conditioned to trust messages that are printed on paper

A direct result of this is that people are much more likely to trust messages that come in print form. Research indicates that advertisements that are printed on paper have a unique way of interacting with people’s brains. They generate stronger emotions and can easily be understood by the human brain. The brain is, therefore, a major reason why people trust Direct Mail.

  1. Personalization

  • The average human being desires to be treated as an individual and not as an extension of a large, anonymous group. That is a major reason why advertisers are always on the hunt for ways through which they can personalize their messages.
  • Personalization is, today, something of a buzzword with the Digital Marketing world. However, it has been around for quite some time when it comes to Direct Mail, and is a major reason why there is a high level of trust among consumers. Indeed, Direct Mail pioneered personalization with variable data printing.
  1. Precise Targeting

Another of the reasons why Direct Mail has garnered so much trust among consumers is the fact that it is highly targeted. In the world of Marketing, there is really no reason for you to run a hit and miss campaign when it comes to advertisements. Indeed, such an approach sets you up for potential failure or, at the very least, low Returns on Investment.

Precise targeting allows you to send out your ads to people who are likely to respond to them positively. This is important, and helps build trust between consumers and brands. Even if an individual does not respond to your call to action at that particular time, it is more than likely that, where the ad is relevant, the information that you provide will be stored for future reference. This, in most cases, marks the beginning of brand loyalty.

  1. The Tactility of Direct Mail

With Direct Mail, people actually have something that they can touch and feel. That is one of the major reasons why people tend to be much more trusting. This tangibility is not available when it comes to most Digital Marketing platforms.

  1. Direct Mail is None Intrusive
  • One of the major complaints that you will find out there, with regards to Digital Marketing, is that it tends to be intrusive.
  • Each time that you open your email, you are likely to be accosted by tens of unsolicited marketing messages. Many of these messages sound and feel as if they suspiciously came from conmen, who are somewhere in Nigeria. That is the reason why people are not that trusting of Digital Marketing.
  • With Direct Mail, this feeling of being intruded upon is not available. Your mail box may be on the other side of your yard, and you actually have to make a conscious decision to walk there in order to get hold of any Direct Mail messages.
  • You also have a choice as to whether or not to read your mail immediately or to store it somewhere for later reference. In any case, Direct Mail elicits a lot more trust, for the simple reason that it is less intrusive.


It is clear, from the foregoing, that Direct Mail should be at the core of any Marketing effort. This method of reaching out to customers has been around for some time, and people have learnt to trust its ability to help them make informative decisions. The rush by those in Marketing to embrace Digital Marketing has, over the past few years, however, meant that attention has not been paid to the potential benefits that come from embracing Direct Mail. This should, however, not be the case. You just need to look at the level of trust to which people hold Direct Mail to realize what you are missing out on.


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