Color Vs. Black And White: What’s Most Effective For Your Business?

Is Black and White still a useful color in Marketing

Is black and white still relevant in today’s colorful world

Ask any Digital Marketing expert and they will tell you that infographics; the presentation of information in graphic form, is a much more effective way of getting your message across than words. That is hardly surprising. Human beings are, by and largely, visual animals, a quality that you can exploit to give your brand greater visibility.

Color and human emotions

One of the reasons why you should carefully consider the color choices that you make is the fact that the decisions tend to have far reaching consequences on how people perceive your business. Indeed, color is a huge driver of human emotion.

It takes people only a few seconds to make judgments about a product or service, including your brand. What this means is that you only have so much, or, rather, so little time in which to make a great first impression, and you color choices are of great importance in this regard.

Color vs. Black and White

There was a time, what now seems to be such a long while back, when the world was pretty much black and white. Then things were much simpler. Black and white were all that the technologies that were present at the time, around the 1600s, could cope with.


Nowadays, things are a lot more complicated. One would think that with the presence of so much color all around us, black and white would long have since become obsolete as a way of reaching out to potential customers.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Black and white remains a major choice, which gives rise to the question that we have set out to answer in this article. Which, between black and white and color, is best for you business? The answer, we have to say, is not that straightforward. There are a number of things that you need to take into consideration before making your choice;

  1. Do colors overwhelm the message?

The first question that you need to ask yourself when deciding on whether or not to go with color or black and white images is; do the colors distract attention from the message that you wish to convey? In today’s world, where it has become so easy to manipulate images and other graphics, it can be tempting to go overboard when it comes to the use of colors.

However, this is exactly what you need to guard against. You do not want to have a logo, as an example, that is so jarringly colorful that it becomes, for want of a better phrase, something of an eyesore. Colors should never distract from the message.

Although most of us think that being colorful is always better, that is not usually the case. Just think, as an example, of Coca Cola red. Here is an example of a company whose chosen color has not changed much over the past decades. That very fact is what has cemented this brand in people’s minds.

And all that despite the fact that Coca Cola’s symbols are really nothing to write home about. Okay, perhaps we oversimplify things, but you get what we mean.

Excessive creativity can, if its not handled carefully, distract from the very simple facts of life. And, despite the presence of so much color in our lives, the greatest things can actually be black and white. Or just plain red, blue, or any other color.

Color Choices can be complicated

The fact that we are even writing this article is testimony of the fact that colors are rather complicated. One would have thought that, at this juncture, black and white would have long since been done away with. However, you can still present your brand in a powerful way using these two basic colors.

  1. Professional Designing and Printing Services

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  1. Black and White Can be Powerful

If you think there is nothing powerful about black and white, then you only have to look at the featured image above. Indeed, one gets the feeling that the picture of the baby would have been less alluring had it been done in color!

That is one of the ironies of the colorful world in which we live. There is, as we have already stated, such as thing as having too much color. A color image of a baby then becomes another image of a baby, just like a thousand others.

However, the conversion to black and white in this image adds the kind of intrigue to the story that you are trying to present that people may just stop to ask for more information.

  1. Color is eye catching

An Advertisement in color

Now, just consider the flower above. Would it have worked as a black and white image? Perhaps, but it works even better as it is. What, then does all this tell us when it comes to the choice of colors for your business?

Both Black and White and Color can be effective

We are not going to, in this article, prescribe a color scheme for your business. After all, the world is a rather fluid place, and one thing that may work today could turn out to be outmoded only a few days down the line.

Our advise is, therefore, for you to choose the color that best works for your business. If its black and white, don’t be shy to use it. And if it’s color, then, by all means, go for it.

However, as we mention in this article that talks about the right colors for your postcards, don’t let yourself get carried away when it comes to colors. Be subtle and you may just have the image of your brand imprinted in your prospects’ minds.

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