Capture Your Audience with Custom Business Cards


Your business cards are a natural extension of your website, and indeed your business as a whole. Using cheap cardstock and shoddy printing services can put forth the wrong image that can detract from your professionalism. The last thing you want is to look “less than” in the eyes of your customers. People tend to associate your business cards and website with how reliable and professional you are. Make that great first impression right off the bat with custom business cards.

Nix the Cookie Cutter Template

Just like with your website, if you go the generic route with your business cards, people will spot an imposter a mile away. Rather than use a cookie cutter design template that hundreds of other people in your business have access to, get unique with a customized card that makes your name stand out from the rest. Do something different and try an embossed or raised design rather than a flat, one-dimensional card. You could always go with a different shape other than the standard rectangle. You don’t have to be like everyone else. Create something memorable that your clients will remember many weeks or even years down the road.

Give Recipients an Experience

Business cards mean more than the simple cardstock they’re printed on. They represent an extension of your reach as a professional, which means the recipients should ultimately be able to share them with others and get more out of them than the one-dimensional card. Be careful to whom you hand your card out. Treat it as a sign of trust between two people. You trust that they will handle with care and use the information responsibly. In turn, they trust that you will follow through on your promises of professionalism. Put a lot of thought into your design and select recipients carefully. If your card is shareable with their friends and family, all the better. Include other ways of interacting with you, such as how to join you on LinkedIn or where to view your interactive portfolio.

Do More Than Everyone Else

Don’t just stop at standard contact information. Utilize both back and front of your card, reserving the front for your phone number and website, and the back for something helpful to your potential customers. For instance, a real estate agent could include a monthly home price chart, whereas a security sales person could include emergency numbers in the community. An interior designer could include a color wheel of warm and cool colors that complement each other. A baker could include a standard measurement and conversion chart.

The point is to be unique yet helpful at the same time. You want to be remembered, and a custom business card is one big way to achieve staying power. Come see what options we have here at Your Marketing Stuff, where we specialize in business cards that stand out from the rest.

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