What Your Business Cards Say About You


Your business card is an extension of you, a reflection of what you stand for and offer. Don’t waste this one-time opportunity to show the recipient what you look like, what you sell, and how you can be reached. Business cards are a mainstay of modern networking, so be sure you are aware what your design says about you to others.

Quality: A flimsy business card signals that you took the cheap way out. To reflect an image of professionalism and quality in what you offer, make sure your cardstock is durable and attractive, and add a gloss on there for good measure. Remember, this card gives people their first impression of what you can provide them. Cheap quality will equate to cheap service.

Go the extra mile: Why settle for the standard? Go with embellishments like raised print, glossy finishes or textured finishes for a nice extra touch. You may even want to go with a different size if you’re in a creative field. It always pays to stand out a bit from everyone else. If a client has a pocketful of real estate agent business cards, which one will they go with? If they don’t know one from another, they will make a totally superficial choice and go with whose business card looks best.

Color choice: The colors you use for your business card directly reflect on the type of business you have. If you’re a massage therapist, your logo and overall color choice should be in the green or blue family, as these represent relaxation and stress relief. If you’re a high-powered fitness instructor, go with red for energy; if you provide outdoor services such as dog walking or landscaping, go with yellow which symbolizes happiness and sunshine. If you’re a lawyer or architect, go for muted tones like strong grays, blacks and whites for strength, class and elegance.

Photo: Not everyone includes their photo on their business card, but if your career depends on how you look, making connections, and being memorable to potential clients, you’ll need a photo on the front. People remember faces; they don’t necessarily remember names or contact information. Let them put a name to the face so they can see you’re eager to get out there and do business. Realtors, party planners, sales people, politicians, and anyone in fashion design are all good examples of those who should have their photos on their cards.

At the end of the day, your business card should be a reflection of not only what you do for a living, but also of your personality. Keep it professional but infuse some creativity as well. We can show you what we mean here at Your Marketing Stuff, where you can embrace your inner creative self!


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