Brochure Designing Tips for Wedding Planners:

brochure for wedding planners

How to Design Wedding Planning Brochures

Those in marketing may be excused for feeling a bit overwhelmed these days. Remember the days when everyone thought that Direct Mail would, as a Marketing tool, die a whimpering death, along with the physical postal infrastructure that had come under attack due to the emergence of Digital media? It has become apparent, however, that those fears were ill founded. Rather than wilt on the face of the onslaught, Direct Mail has actually blossomed, to such an extent that it should, today, be a part of every Marketing campaign.


Brochures are, without doubt, an important part of the Direct Mail mix. Indeed, they can be thought of as one of the most important Direct Mail components. If you are an event planner, you will find that Direct Mail plays an important role in your efforts to reach out to new clients. The very nature of your business demands that you use a method of advertising that not only is visually appealing, but one that also has a lot of staying power. Do it right, and you will convince your target audience that your house is in order.  In any case, here are a few tips on how to create beautiful Event Planning Brochures.

  1. Create Beautiful Brochures

We have already alluded to the fact that your Direct Mail needs to be visually appealing. That is something of an understatement when it comes to Brochures. Here everything depends on first impressions and you want yours to be as beautiful as possible. One of the things that you need to take note of is the fact that human beings are largely visual animals.

Forget all that about not judging a book by its cover. Human beings judge books by their covers and once their minds have been made up, it is often difficult for them to be turned around. That is the reason why we cannot stress enough the importance of having beautiful brochures. The very existence of your Event Planning business depends on it.

Hire Professionals

Most businesses, let’s be frank, do not have the resources to come up with the high impact Brochures that we are talking about here. That is particularly the case for small to medium sized businesses. That is why we recommend that you hire the services of professionals when designing and printing your brochures.

Your Marketing Stuff

Designing and getting your Brochures and all your other Marketing Stuff printed does not have to be complicated and expensive. We, at Your Marketing Stuff, have everything that you need in order to help you design, print and send out outstandingly beautiful Brochures.  Head over to our Brochures section, and you will get information on how to effectively design your brochures. This includes information about the sizes, shapes material and design that will help you come up with Beautiful Brochures.

  1. For and Against Specializing

One of the Brochure designing dilemmas that you will have to grapple with, as an Event Planner, relates to the question of whether or not you should specialize. Our advice in this regard is that if you run a specialized business, such as one that carters only for weddings, then you should, by any means, specialize. The same also applies if you are designing brochures for a specific group of people.

Otherwise, you should strive to make your Brochures as neutral as possible. Event planning is one of those fields where the applications are seemingly endless, from graduations to birthdays and weddings. It makes no sense, therefore, for you to limit yourself by targeting only one group of people. It is advisable, therefore, for you to use neutral images on your brochures. What you do not want to do is alienate potential customers by appearing as if you carter for only one segment of the market.

A person who is looking for an Event Planner for a Birthday Party will likely instantly discard your Brochure if it is emblazoned with the picture of a wedding dress. However, beautiful the picture may be, you are your prospects will be excused for thinking that you only specialize in weddings. The picture of someone holding a glass of Champagne is, on the other hand, neutral enough to work in almost all instances.

  1. What do you have to offer?

Unlike Business Cards, brochures have enough space for you to go into specifics about your business. One of the great things about them is that they have greater keeping power than most of their Direct Mail counterparts. Do a good enough job of designing a beautiful Brochure, and people will likely want to keep them for future references.

What this means is that you actually have much more freedom, when it comes to Brochures, to talk about your business. What do you have to offer to your prospects? What is it about you that should make them want to do business with you? Planning for events is stressful for most people. That is the reason why Event Planning is such big business around the world.

Your aim should, therefore, be on reducing the weight that is on your prospects’ shoulders . What is it that you are going to be doing that will take the burden off ? This is where you should go into specifics in your brochures. Tell people that your job, if they hire you for, as an example, their wedding, will be “a,” “b,” and “c.” That way, they will know that a large chunk of the burden will be taken care of.

People like to tread where Big Names have trodden

Another of the things that you should remember when designing your Brochures is that people are predisposed towards treading where big names have trodden. This is where you should discard all modesty! If you have organized such and such big events, then feel free to mention them in your brochures! Knowing that you have experience gives people confidence in your ability to deliver on your promises.

Remember that the things that most people hire you to do are actually important milestones in their lives. That is why they are inclined towards experience. Ask yourself whether or not you would hire a new Event Planner or one who has organized important events for important people. The answer to this question is simple enough. You wouldn’t, as an example, experiment with your own wedding. But you would completely do business with a company that has handled a big name wedding.

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