Brand Yourself with Confidence! Banners That Stand Out


Your brand is everything. If it’s not consistent or has serious design flaws, it won’t resonate with your customers. That’s why it needs to be on-point, make an impact, and represent what you’re all about. With more than half of small-business owners saying in-store signage and graphics are extremely effective in attracting customers, according to Entrepreneur, you can’t afford to miss out on this critical piece of your advertising puzzle.

Statistics show 64% of millennial small business owners place a great emphasis on creativity when it comes to banners vs. baby boomers who go for simpler images. Whichever way you decide to go for your business, keep in mind your design will have a big impact on your ability to attract new customers.

Banners should be eye-catching, effective and visually interesting while at the same time delivering a simple message. You’re looking to pique the interest of consumers who on average have an attention span of just a few seconds. If you can achieve that, half your job is done. Even if people don’t usually shop with you, they may after seeing a well-placed and well-designed banner. After all, think of how many times you’ve been driving around or walking along the street when a compelling banner caught your eye and you felt compelled to go into the store and learn more.

Whether your hook is money savings, a brand new revolutionary product or free gift with purchase, you need a creative banner to help you achieve your goals. Here are a few important design principles to follow:

  • Size: The larger the print, the easier to read – especially if your banner is on a busy street where you’re relying on driver traffic. In the same vein, choose a legible and recognizable type face and font.
  • Color: This goes hand in hand with brand recognition and awareness. Think brown for UPS, yellow for Best Buy, red for Coca-Cola and blue for Facebook. With the ability to represent a brand’s identity, a compelling color will trigger recognition in your company over time. Don’t just go with trendy colors, though; take the time to research staying power when it comes to various hues, and always chose carefully in terms of meaning. Red represents power and passion, while pink represents femininity; blue translates to peace and tranquility, while green is natural and soothing.
  • Contrast: For the best readability factor, go with complementary colors that play off each other well in the background and foreground. Dark on light is good; colors that are too similar won’t read well. You never want your viewers to have to work too hard to get what you’re saying.

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