Banners Sizes and Shapes



Banners Sizes and Shapes

Regardless of the size, orientation or materials, banners are essentially rectangular. For our purposes, we’ll concentrate on three different type of banners: long, horizontal banners, X- frames and retractable. We’ll discuss them in greater detail in the Design (link) section – here we’ll just cover where you might use them.

95% of the orders we get for banners are for the long, horizontal (landscape) oriented ones. We’ve printed them for everything from kid’s soccer teams to 50th anniversary parties to fund raising signs. And they are so inexpensive they’re perfect for all those events. The smallest we will print is 2’ x 2’. But why stop there? Let’s show off a bit, shall we? The largest we can print is 7’ x 150’, so yes, you can cover your entire half of the football field! (Although we refer to this type a “horizontal” they can easily be printed in a vertical format so that they can drape down from a support.

A unique banner we’ve offered the last couple of years is the X-frame. This little self-contained product is an engineering masterpiece, consisting of four thin rods and a plastic hub. The rods slide into the hub, forming an X, and when the corners of the banner is attached to the ends of the rods they flex and become rigid. Designed for inside use only, this little device is perfect as a welcoming sign inside a building. Then again, perhaps we shouldn’t say “little” – it is available at 24” x 63”, 32” x 73” and a whopping 48” x 78”. All units roll up into the included storage bag and weigh as little as 3 lbs. The two smaller sizes work best with a portrait layout; the largest size can be either portrait or landscape. As a bonus, once you’ve ordered one unit with the X-frame, you can order different banners that will work with the same frame.

The third type of banner is the most professional looking one and if you want to stand shoulders above your competition, this is the one you want. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show or giving a presentation, this really is the only one you should consider. We offer two types, an economy model and a premium model; the main difference is the ease with which different banners can be replaced inside the frames. The basic size is 33” x 78” and each unit comes with three-part telescoping poles. Simply snap the poles together and set one end into the stand. Then pull the banner up from its base and attach to the top of the pole. Simple and clean and professional enough to remain open permanently as a point-of-sale display.

Banner Design Concepts by EZ Discount Printing

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