The Importance of Direct Mail

Despite the technology revolution that has taken the world by storm over the past decade or so, Direct Mail remains a powerful tool in the world of Marketing. Indeed, every Marketing Executive who wishes to succeed in the cutthroat arena that was spawned by Internet based technologies, such as Social Media and Email Marketing, should seriously consider Direct Mail as a way of reaching out to new customers. This post looks at some of the reasons why people are predisposed towards opening Direct Mail and offers tips that will help you have a successful campaign;

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Before talking about the reasons why people will open your Direct Mail, we need to point out that Your Marketing Stuff is a great place on which you can professionally design, print and mail your Direct Mail to your customers.  The following are a few of the Direct Mail Services that we have on offer;

Human Psychology and Direct Mail

In spite of its wonders, Direct Mail does have one major caveat; most people regard it as, at best, something of a distraction. This attitude is hardly surprising and cuts across everything that has to do with Marketing, including Digital Marketing. Just look at the ways in which people regard Email Marketing and you will understand what we are talking about.

These negative attitudes are, in most cases, well founded. With so many people trying to get a slice of the pie, the unsolicited emails and mail can be a bit overwhelming. Despite this, Direct Mail actually elicits much more positive attitudes in people’s minds than other forms of advertising.

Conditioned Human Reflexes

Indeed, most people have acquired what can only be regarded as positive reflexive impulses that can be harnessed to make Direct Mail campaigns successful.  Here are 9 of these reflexive impulses. Together, they represent the reasons why you are, comparatively speaking, much more likely to have success with your Direct Mail;

  1. People Respond Positively to Authority

  • This is the first psychological impulse that you can use to make your Direct Mail campaign a positive one. In general, human beings defer to authority. They are thus much more likely to open mail if it appears official, authoritative and important. Stamping your things with markings like “Special Delivery,” or even “Important,” vastly increases your open rate.
  • You can also harness this psychological trail when it comes to your choice of mail carrier. Choose FedEx or Western Union, and your open rate is likely to be much higher. The reasoning in this regard is that only important documents are shipped this way. This is something that most people are not able to ignore. There is no way that they are going to chuck away something whose importance is such that it has had to be shipped using these expensive companies.
  1. People Follow Authoritative Voices

Ever wondered why companies are seemingly falling over one another to sign up sporting, movie and other stars during their advertising campaigns? Well, the answer to this question is the fact that people tend to defer to authoritative figures. Including endorsements from prominent people during your Direct Mail campaign is likely to further boost the chances of convincing your target audience that you and your products are worth considering.

  1. Certain Keywords Tend to have a Greater Impact on People

It is a fact that most of the mental reflexes that we are talking about are the result of the daily bombardment with various Marketing materials to which human beings are subjected. This has stamped certain keywords in people’s minds, all of which you can harness to boost your Direct Mail campaigns. Examples of these important keywords are “Free” and “Special Offer.” We all love freebies and you are likely to have greater success should you offer free samples and discounts.

  1. People are Time Conscious

Another well documented human behavior is that they tend to react with urgency to events that are of a limited timescale. This kind of behavior stems from the fact that, in general, people covert that which they cannot have. You can trigger this impulse by giving your Direct Mail marketing campaign a finite timescale. If, as an example, you are going to be selling your products at a discount, make that offer “Valid for a Limited Time Only,” or “While Stocks Last,” and you are likely to see a much more positive response.

  1. Human Beings do not like being pioneers

Contrary to what most us think, people do not, generally speaking, like being pioneers. That is the reason why you should reinforce, in your Direct Mail messages, that there has already been an extensive list of people who have previously signed up for your products or services. Better still, present a list of previous customers and you will see many more leads. This behavior is one of the reasons why you are always seeing products and services being presented with “reviews,” from previous and current customers.

  1. People are Loyal

This is another human attribute that will surprise some people. In general, it is a fact that people are loyal. Offer them loyalty rewards and other special discounts and they are likely to feel obliged to come back to you for their next purchases. This is another quality that you can make use of to make sure that people open your direct mail. Remind them that you have previously done business together, and they are likely to feel obligated to continue coming back.

  1. Pain is a Powerful Driver of Human Emotion

People are much more likely to open your Direct Mail if you appeal to their emotions using pain rather than happy triggers. As an example, the statement, “Is your business bleeding customers?” is much more to get people to react positively to your campaign than “Do you wish to gain more customers?”

  1. Human Beings are Self Centered

This is another common human trait that you can take advantage of in your Direct Mail. In general, people are self centered and will respond positively to an offer that’s benefits them in one way or the other. Use flattery and tell them that your offer is exclusively for their benefit and your much more likely to be successful in your lead generation efforts.

  1. No does not always mean no

The final human trait that you can take advantage of during your campaign is the fact that people will, more often than not, respond negatively simply because they do not have enough information. That does not, however, mean that they are not interested in what you have to offer. Try giving them more information, and a good number of your prospects are likely to become positively inclined towards doing business with you.


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