Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Postcards

Have you ever wondered why, despite the potential, some Post Card marketing campaigns fail to hit the mark? At Your Marketing Stuff (YMS), we have discovered 8 of the most common mistakes that people make when designing their Post cards. Read this article for more about these mistakes and how you can avoid them;

Post Cards Are a Great Marketing Tool

With Direct Mailing bouncing back into the limelight as an effective Marketing tool, there can be no doubting the fact that Post Cards have, by and large, been at the center of this resurgence. There are a number of reasons why that is the case;

  • Post Cards are highly customizable which increases their ability to generate leads.
  • They have a very high conversion rate when compared to other Marketing tools
  • Post Cards are affordable, which makes them effective, even for small businesses.
  • They are an effective way through which you can generate brand awareness.
  • Almost all postcards get read by their recipients
  • They are easy to create.

Common Post Card Design Mistakes

There are many more reasons why Postcards are a good Marketing Tool. However, there are a number of mistakes that you should avoid when coming up with the design of your Postcards. Here are 8 of them;

  1. Not Targeting the right audience

We have already mentioned that Postcards are an inexpensive way through which you can spread the word about your brand. This does not, however, mean that you should send them out to everyone on your mailing list. The great thing about using Postcards as a marketing tool is that they afford you a high degree of flexibility. Use this to make sure that your message is reaching the right audience.

Although you can probably get away with sending your marketing material to a random sample, that is hardly the best way through which you can achieve the desired results? What you need to do, instead, is send out your Postcards to the right group of people. If you are a Wedding Planner, as an example, this would include young couples.

  1. Not Reinforcing your Brand Image in People’s Mind

  • One of the great things about using Post Cards in Marketing is that they are an effective way through which you can reinforce your brand’s image in people’s minds. Do it well enough and people may just stick your Postcards on their refrigerators. However, in order for this to happen, you need to constantly hammer the message into your prospects’ minds.
  • We are not saying, here that you should constantly annoy people with your Postcards. The mistake that most people make is sending out one Postcard and believing that that is the end. There are many ways through which you can reinforce your message. You need, in this regard, not restrict yourself to Postcards. Employ other marketing tools, where necessary.
  • The whole point, however, is that the campaign that you are running should be an actual campaign and not just a one off event.  Attacking (not literally, of course), from multiple angles is the only way through which you can reinforce your brand’s image in people’s minds.
  1. Not explaining how your Prospects will benefit from doing business with you

This is another mistake that is commonly made by people when they design their Postcards. So, you have come up with great copy that describes how wonderful you and your company are? That is hardly the way you should approach Postcard Marketing.

The brutal reality is that your prospects are assailed, on a daily basis, by a wide range of conflicting messages that come through both Direct Mail and Digital Marketing platforms. Think Social Media, Email, Websites and much more. In actual fact, there are probably hundreds of companies out there that are similar to yours and all of which claim to be great.

What you need to do, instead, is stress the benefits that your prospects are going to derive from interacting with you. Yes, you are great, but what’s in it for your clients. What benefits can they expect from the proposed interaction?

  1. Not Professionally Copy-editing your Postcards’ Text

Of all the cardinal sins that are made by people with regards to Postcard designing, this is the most…sinful. What you need to do is ask yourself; would you bother calling or emailing a company whose website or postcards are replete with grammatical and spelling errors?

What most people do not realize is that people, in general, make judgments about a business based on how well it expresses itself in its marketing material. Having a less than professional Postcard is, therefore, a great way of damaging your brand. In fact, should you do so, you will probably not be able to recover from the damage.

That is why it is important for you to make sure that the copy that you send out is properly edited. In fact, you should hire professional copywriters if you are not able to do this in-house. The added expense is, in most cases, worth it.

  1. Not Having a Personal Touch in your Postcards
  • There is always, with postcards, the temptation to create generic material that is then sent out to as wide a group of people as possible. This is another thing that you should avoid when designing your Postcards. If there is one thing that most people loathe, in the age of computers and assembly lines, it is being treated as if they are nothing but generic copies of their compatriots.
  • Study after study has shown that people respond positively when they are treated as individuals. That is why you should take time, when designing your Postcards, to make sure that you have included a personal flair in your copy. That is one way through which you can generate significantly more positive feedback during your campaign.
  1. Not Providing Contact Information
  • These days, there is a wide range of ways through which people can get in touch with businesses. You would be surprised however, at the fact that quite a number of people make the mistake, when designing their Postcards, of not giving people enough options in this regard.
  • Okay, so you have done everything else right, but how do you expect people to get in touch with you if you have not included your name, email and address on your Postcards? Surprisingly enough, many people still make this rather elementary Postcard Design Mistake.
  1. Going Overboard with Colors

A lot of people get carried away, while designing their Postcards, with the use of colors. What do we mean by that? There is a fine line, with most things, between being beautiful and being glaring. You do not want to have color schemes on your Post Cards, that are so glaring as to be overly loud. Instead, a little bit of conservatism is, in this regard, called for. After all, the colors that are on your postcard are only part of message. Don’t make it such that they become a distraction from everything else.

  1. Trying to Close a Sale Using a Postcard

Your Postcard should, by no means, be considered as the tool that will close the deal in terms of lead generation and conversion. Instead, you should only think of it as a pathway, which directs prospects towards your business. Most people however, make the mistake of trying to make their whole pitch using their Postcards. That is hardly practical, considering the limitations that exist in terms of space. You should, instead, make your most important argument and give people the desire and means to get more information about your company. This can be a website, email address, Facebook page or a telephone number.

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