7 Tips for Postcard Marketing Success


Postcards are an essential part of any marketing campaign. Making sure your postcards are designed well and hit their intended target will enhance the success of your strategy. Check out these seven tips to achieve your goals:

  1. Be a planner. Always plan out your strategy ahead of time to avoid costly and long-lasting mistakes. Building value into your message ensures connectivity with your audience so you can ultimately build trust.
  2. Create a stunning, eye-catching design. Incorporate quality photos, lots of color, legible fonts, and of course your logo. Ask family and friends to take a look and give their honest feedback. Would they read the postcard if they got it in the mail? Or are they bored?
  3. Keep your message brief. You’re not the next great American novelist, so keep it short and sweet. Simple, clear-cut messages get your intent across without stuffing your post card with unnecessary clutter. Say too much and your recipients may get overwhelmed. Remember, you’ve only got five seconds at best to secure their attention.
  4. Use short headlines. In the same vein, keep your headlines bolded and to the point. Post cards by their very nature are best suitable for small chunks of information. You don’t have to tell the recipient EVERYTHING about you or what you offer. Tease some information and encourage them to call or go online for more. The purpose of a post card is to generate leads, not necessarily close deals.
  5. Make your message timely. Outdated information is, well, outdated. It benefits no one. Use them to tease a one-time-only offer, a three-day sale, a contest with a specific deadline, or a reminder for an oil change for your repeat customers, for example. Always give your customers a reason to call you NOW. Put a touch of panic into them so they act quickly.
  6. Don’t skimp on quality. Yes, postcards can get expensive with all those colors and graphics, especially when you’re looking at printing up thousands at a time. However, research shows that full-color, glossy printing impacts the recipient the most. Because they have a high impact, high-quality post cards will attract the most attention and your initial costs will hopefully be offset by the increase in response to your offer.
  7. Think outside the box. Use creative, catchy messages, bold designs, different shapes or textures to get your message across uniquely. Ultimately, you want someone to say WOW when they receive your postcard and be encouraged to share it with others.

Whether you use your postcard to share a $10 free coupon for a birthday meal (dollar signs always go over well with customers) or a reminder on service, Your Marketing Stuff can help you come up with a unique design that stands out above the rest. Check us out!

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