5 Tips for Real Estate Direct Mail Success

Direct Mail for Real Estate Agencies

Despite the onslaught that has been coming from Digital Marketing over the past decade or so, Direct Mail remains a force to reckoned with, as far as Advertising is concerned. In fact, Direct Mail, it can be argued, has actually come into its element; rather than dying the slow death that was envisaged by pundits a few years ago. We have previously written an article in which we explain some of the secrets that you can use to make your Direct Mail campaigns successful. We have also talked about the 4 ways that you can use to make your Direct Mail stand out.

Direct Mail in Real Estate

One of the fields in which Direct Mail has the greatest applications is Real Estate. The great thing about focusing on Direct Mail in this area is that it can be complimentary to all the advertising that is taking place online. In fact, trying to keep Direct Mail from Digital Marketing is one of the mistakes that are commonly made by Marketing executives across the globe.

That is particularly the case when it comes to Real Estate. Why not use your postcards and other Direct Mail material to direct potential customers to your website. Most of the time, you only have so much space in which to put across your message using Direct Mail materials. However, the same cannot be said of your website or blog. Getting people there allows them to view all your listings and to further the engagement with your customers. Having said that, what are the tips for Direct Mail success that can be offered to those in the field of Real Estate? Here are five tips for Real Estate Direct Mail Success;

  1. Include Contact Information

We have already alluded to this point in the above introduction. Your aim, during your Direct Mail campaign, should be to get your prospects towards your website, from where they can get more information about your Real Estate listings. With Direct Mail, you are usually limited to the space that is available on a postcard, or on a business card. However, Real Estate is one area in which people do require greater information. No one is going to make a substantial investment based on the information that is written on a Brochure. That is why we argued, above, that you should never separate Direct Mail from your online presence. The following are some of the things that you can include in your Direct Mail;

  • Your business’ phone number
  • An email address
  • Your website’s URL

The last bit is of particular importance, since it is the one place where you can go overboard with your listings.

  1. Hire the Services of a Professionals

Another tip that you can use to get success in your Real Estate Direct Mail is that you should never skimp when it comes to the creation of your material. We need not repeat that Real Estate is a high value business. What this means is that no one is going to respond positively to your message if your Direct Mail material is not up to par. That is the reason why you should always engage the services of professionals in the designing of your materials.

Your Marketing Stuff

One of the best known companies that specialize in Direct Mail is Your Marketing Stuff. This San Diego based company has everything that you need to create Real Estate Direct mail that brings results. This includes the following;

  • Custom Post Cards
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards

The great thing about this company is that not only does it act as a platform on which you can design your Direct Mail material, but Your Marketing Stuff can also be Direct-Mailed to your target audience. You can get in touch with Your Marketing Stuff through this link.

  1. Be Time Sensitive

As is the case with most businesses, the Real Estate world can be time sensitive. Perhaps, the apartment that you wish to advertise can only have an open house at a particular time on a particular date. You should, therefore, make sure that your Postcards, Brochures and other Direct Mail Material reach the intended audience well before the holding of the event. What this means is that you should be cognizant, while planning your campaign, of the time that is taken by your mail carrier to deliver Direct Mail to your target addresses. As an example, bulk mail will take up to 15 days after delivery to the post office, to reach its intended target.

  1. Work on your Message

Part of the attraction that comes with Direct Mail is that it allows you to whittle down your mailing list to only the most appropriate targets. What this means, in reality, is that you can send your material only to those people who hold potential interest in your services. This, in turn, gives you a higher success rate, when compare with other Marketing methods.

Your message needs to be the appropriate one for your particular audience. As an example, the people who are on your Real Estate mailing list will only respond to you if you give them the right message. We have already mentioned that you should direct people towards your website, where they will get more information. That is rather symptomatic of Direct Mail in general; you only have limited space on which to make your pitch. Your message should, therefore, be short and enticing. Make people want to find out more, and they will come trooping to you for more information.

  1. Keep in Touch

One of the key Direct Mail secrets is that your campaign should not be a once off event. What you need to do is reinforce the message into your potential customers using as many mediums as possible. Be careful, however, not to become a pest. You should strive to strike a balance between giving people valuable information and becoming an unwanted intrusion in their lives.

Those in Real Estate have a virtually endless stream of excuses that they can use to keep in touch with potential clients. Why not send out Postcards to people on your mailing list during the holidays? How about informing them when you have made a sale or when a new listing has been made in their area? The whole point, here is that you need to build up your brand within the minds of your prospects. They may think that they do not need your services at that particular point in time, but when the need does arise, you are the one whom they will remember.

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