4 Tips to Overcoming Banner Blindness

banner blindness

Banners are Everywhere

Banners are, without doubt, one of the most used advertising tools. Walk around the streets and you are likely to be confronted by one banner or the other. Even indoors, Banners have a way of jumping up into our faces seemingly out of nowhere. Okay, maybe we exaggerate a bit, but you get the point.

Banner Blindness

  • The problem is that, from a Marketing point of view, this ubiquitousness does tend to have its disadvantages. Most of us have gotten so used to seeing banners floating around somewhere that we now hardly ever stop to read them.
  • Ask most people, and they likely won’t even be aware of the fact that they see a large number of banners on a daily basis. Never mind anything about reading their messages.
  • So, what can you do, as a Marketing executive, to overcome this banner blindness? Fortunately, there are a number of things that can be done;
  1. Placement

The first thing that you need to work on in order to overcome banner blindness is placement. Ask yourself where you are going to place your banners and you can begin to effectively work from there. Are your banners going to be placed indoors or on some busy thoroughfare?

Indeed, it is safe to say that the issue of placement should be your first step in the process of designing banners. Everything else depends on your answer to these questions. You may have already perceived that overcoming banner blindness is not a once of process. Everything that you do during the designing and production of your banners should, in fact, be geared towards reducing its negative effects on your ability to market your brand.

Digital Banner Blindness

One of the things that we need to take note of here is the fact that banner blindness is not limited only to Direct Mail. Even Digital Marketing is afflicted by this impediment. Here, the causes are pretty much the same; an individual may visit tens of sites on a daily basis, most of which have banners in one form or the other.

After some point in time, banner blindness begins to set in. This may be one of the reasons why you have been having problems turning your banners into leads. The trick here again lies in the issue of placement. If you are running your blog, you should put your banners right where people will be able to notice them. The best place for this is usually at eye level on your screen.

  1. Be Imaginative

Your second trick on the path to overcoming Banner blindness involves being creative. A lack of creativity and imagination is one of the major reasons why your banners and signs may be going unnoticed.

We have already noted that people are assailed by signage on a daily basis. The question is, what are you doing to make yours stand out from within the rest. One of the great things about Marketing in general is that it allows you to try out a number of strategies before settling on the winning formulae.

This is what you should do in order to overcome banner blindness. Let your imagination run wild. People have become conditioned to not see the squarish banner. Make yours stylish, and you are likely to capture their imagination.

Non Standard Colors and Fonts

Part of this creative process can involve the use of non standard colors and ad formats. If you choose to stick to the traditional, you are likely to stumble headfirst into the dark wall that is Banner Blindness. You may have heard that colors can be used to convey personality. Harness this fact to get people emotionally hooked to your banners and signs.

  1. Offer people something

We often mention, in our posts, the fact that most businesses get so carried away while trying to project their images that they forget that advertising should all be about bringing benefit to the consumer.

One of the ways through which you can overcome banner blindness involves stepping back and asking yourself what it is about your business that will benefit the people that you are targeting. Once you have adopted this pro-consumer approach, you can then begin working on banners and other Direct Mail materials that people actually relate to.

Another of your steps towards the overcoming of banner blindness should involve the carrying out of research of what your prospects really want. What is it that everyone is looking for that you have to offer? Once you have identified this, you can then work on creating banners that answer to the needs of your prospects.

  1. Be Brief

One of the things that contribute to banner blindness is the fact that most prospects are in a rush when they get confronted by your messages. Just imagine someone zipping along at an appreciable speed on the freeway. Would they ever be bothered to stop and read your signage?

How about people who are rushing to their places of employment? They too, clearly, do not have the time to stop and read your message. That is the reason why you should always strive to be brief and to the point when creating your Banners.

It can be done

  • Trying to include too much on the little space that you have often leads to your signage being ignored. It may seem, from what we have been saying, as if it is virtually impossible for you to create banners that can actually bring results.
  • The fact is, however, that although overcoming banner blindness tends to be difficult, it can be done. Just consider the case of road signs. They are a good example of advertising that actually gets read. The thing to consider here is that road signs have been designed to fulfill a specific need. They are thus created using just the right fonts and colors to be read by motorists.
  • This is what you should do in order to overcome banner blindness. Use the correct colors and strive to answer a particular need, and you will have people trooping to your website or to your physical store. We repeat, the trick to overcoming banner blindness lies in empathizing with your potential clients and running your campaign in such a way that they realize the benefit of picking up the phone and calling you, or sending you an email.

Your Marketing Stuff

If you still have doubts about the utility of banners in advertising and your chances of overcoming banner blindness, why not use the tools that are on this website to help you create banners that people will actually stop to read? We have everything that you need to help create and print banners that will have people talking about your brand. The following banner types are on offer at our company;

  • Vinyl Banners
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The great thing about our services is that they are affordable, which makes them accessible even to small business owners. We partner with EZDiscountPrinting to offer you professional grade banners that bring results. Get in touch with us for more on how to create signage that overcomes banner blindness!

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