4 Reasons Why You Still Need Business Cards


While it’s true the digital age has replaced many of the things we used to consider staples of business – letterhead stationery, paper resumes, and the like — one thing that won’t be replaced anytime soon is the business card. This crucial component to business networking circles is a critical component for anyone who wants visibility and recognition for their company. It’s small, easy to hand over, and contains all the information the recipient needs to contact you.

When designed well, it can become your single most important piece of marketing material, especially if you’re in a business where you’re out in the public eye, at meetings, conferences, and in workshops. Let’s take a look at four reasons why you still need business cards:

  1. They’re more personal than digital methods. Yes, it can be convenient to send a quick text, email or Facebook message with your contact info, but it’s quite impersonal. The great thing about networking is that it’s not supposed to be impersonal. You’re supposed to be making human connections as the basis for real business relationships. You can’t get all that via text. If you’re too busy entering info on your phone, you’re not looking at the person and you’re certainly not communicating effectively. This is the time when those real connections are made – eye contact, body language, etc. Don’t miss out on this because you can never get it back.
  2. This is the perfect time to make an unforgettable first impression. When you’re swapping info digitally, you both have your heads buried in your phones. You’re throwing away your only opportunity to make a first impression, not only through interaction but also in the act of handing over a business card that will carry that impression well beyond your initial contact. If networking only consisted of the exchange of information, you could make business cards out of scrap paper and a pencil. But you wouldn’t dream of doing that because you know that a first impression can make or break the deal. Stunning business card designs are great conversation starters too!
  3. They are still extremely effective marketing tools. Yes, email, SEO, and PPC are all great ways to reach out and attract potential customers. However, they pale in comparison to meeting someone in person, shaking their hand, and sharing your business card with them on the spot, says Entrepreneur. Potential leads are all around you (think happy hour in your hotel, trade show, even getting a cup of coffee at the corner shop); don’t miss an opportunity to make a connection no matter where you are. It’s wise to keep a few cards on your person and a small stash in your car.
  4. They keep working for you long after the initial encounter. Leaving your brand with a potential customer or client is as easy as handing over that small piece of card stock. Not only may they get in touch with you to initiate the next big project, they may also share your information with others who may also be interested. And if they don’t need your services right now, they may in the future. Don’t be surprised to get a phone call from them six months from now requiring your services. Business cards are the gift that keeps on giving!

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