Why Business Cards are Important

As a new blogger, or even an established one, you may have, at some point, wondered what it is that you need to do in order to spread the word about your business. Business Cards represent one of the best options in this regard. They are a good way through which you can start building your own networks, during conferences and other events. Here are 4 design Tips that will ensure that you get the most results from your business cards;

  1. Get your business cards professionally designed

  • This is where most bloggers fail; trying to do everything on their own without bothering to outsource some elements to professionals. We have all been there, haven’t we? And some of the factors that drive this attitude are quite understandable. Cost is a real concern for most people who are just setting out to get their creations to the rest of the world.
  • But, and this is important, you should never skimp when it comes to the design of your business cards. They are, after all, the first impression that people will ever have about you. What you do not want to do is to have people form negative first impressions of you and your blogging business; based on the fact that you have not bothered with having your business cards properly designed.

Your Marketing Stuff

If you are having trouble designing and sourcing your business cards, why not try out Your Marketing Stuff? At YMS, we specialize in the Direct Mail printing and mailing and are well know for producing world class business cards.  Our professionalism is exactly what you need in order to make that much sought after good first impression. We offer the following Direct Mail services to our clients;

  1. Make your Business Cards Unique and Interesting

Another bit of advice that will get your blogging business on the map is to make your Business Cards unique. The traditional, square business card has become rather boring. Remember, you only have a few seconds, while attending that bustling blogging conference, to make a good first impression.

Use your business card to give yourself an edge and you may just forge unique, lifelong partnerships. There have been quite a number of unique business card ideas out there, including some that are edible and others that can be used as bottle openers.

In any case, many people regard your business card as a statement of your intend as a business person. We are not saying you should make your own business cards edible, but there is noend to the kinds of innovative ideas that you can come up with when designing yours.

At Your Marketing Stuff (YMS), we have some pretty interesting ideas in this regard. This includes fold over business cards, round corner business cards and mini business cards, among other great business card ideas. The whole point in this case is that you should try and make your business cards as interesting as possible, as they are at the forefront of your attempts to make a long and lasting impression among your blogging peers.

  1. Here is what Needs to be on Your Business Card

This is one of those areas on which there is ongoing debate. What, exactly should you put on your business card? Much of the noise surrounds the fact that there are two schools of thought in this regard. The first one takes the minimalist route; having as little as possible on a business card while achieving its basic purpose. There are also other people who believe that none of the real estate that is on a business card should be wasted. In any case, whatever school of thought you subscribe to, there are some basic things that you should always include on your business card;

  • Your blog’s name
  • Your Website/Blog’s URL
  • Your Social Media Details: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The above are absolutely crucial, particularly for bloggers. Your blog is your business’ address and you want to make sure that it is prominently displayed on your business card. This includes both its name and its URL.

Another thing is that since you are in the blogging business, you have absolutely no excuse for not having a social media presence. That is particularly the case if you are just setting out. You will realize, after only a weeks, that it takes up to half a year for you to begin to attract serious organic traffic from Search Engines. You can, meanwhile, use various social media outlets to promote your business and generate traffic for your blog.

  1. Should you have your Phone Number on your Business Cards

  • Most people out there are rather reticent about putting their phone numbers on their business cards. There is something about phone numbers that’s, perhaps, a bit more personal than most contact details, and people are afraid of what may happen if they end up in the wrong hands.
  • The question of whether or not you should, as a blogger, include your phone number on your business card is really up to you. We recommend, in any case, that you leave an empty space somewhere on which you can write your phone number before handing over your card to people.
  • This adds a bit of personal flair, which is absent should you decide to have everything printed. If you have ever attended busy conferences, you will have, afterwards, experienced the weird feeling of wondering who it was gave you one business card or the other, and under what circumstances. Taking a few seconds to chat up someone, while writing your phone number on the back of your business card, may be all that it takes to be remembered afterwards.

Bonus Tip: Get Advice from Professionals

The good thing is that you do not have to crack your head while trying to come up with the best business ideas. It is simple and cheap enough to consult professionals, who have the experience that is needed to bring out a first class product on your behalf. As we have already mentioned, YMS is one of your best bets in this regard. This applies not only for business cards, but also with regards to everything else that is related to Direct Mail.

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